The Ones Who Won #poem

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I dream of a World where I am first- Trust!

Not I me, but I us.

A world where those that are last become first, and those that are first become last.

A world where we control the conversation and the roles.

We decide who we are and where we go.

We listen to ourselves as opposed to those.

We are the ones in control.

My dream is not driven by the desire to take their place.

My dream is to be better.

To create a world not of mimicked perfection,

but a world with direction-

and the navigation is peace.

The navigation is love for all, not just for some.

The navigation is one for all and all for one.

We will bask in the warmth of Mother sun,

A glass of clean water to drink and fresh air to breath.

Knowing that what we have will remain for generations to come;

Knowing that tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow we all have won.