Is the Matrix broken?

The older I get the more I see the true dilemma to living in the Matrix. When I was younger I believed there was an obvious answer regarding whether to take the red pill vs blue pill. Red pill= full awareness; blue pill= remain asleep to the truth. Truth of course, I told myself, was the only answer I would ever choose, BUT as of late I’m second guessing myself. because I feel really unsettled. I mean, if the Matrix is real…the blue pill looks kind of nice right now, lol. I’m just saying- is it possible that the reason everything feels crazy currently is because we’ve all taken the red pill and some people’s minds can literally not handle it? I’m just asking because the way I see people moving just don’t make sense anymore. S#@! is crazy! And social media feels like a cuckoo’s nest. Is this the mass awakening the new agers have been talking about? Could it be that all the blue pills have run out and that’s the reason Earth feels like a dumpster fire lately? OR has it always been like this for you old heads? Either way whatever this is it feels permanent. There is no going back, I feel. No more delusions available to lull us into a fall sense of security. All that we can do is keep moving forward through the madness and hope it’s better where we’re going. For those that make it in tact, see you on the other side 🙂