Her Purpose Excerpt #shortstory

“Did you get it done?” he said. “I got there but the manager blew me off,” I lied knowing in a second it wouldn’t even matter, “but I got something even better.” “How did you screw this up, Tasha. I had everything lined up for you,” he said exhaling loudly. “All you had to do…

The Cookie Thief #poem

I was recently reminded of this poem and felt it timely for some reason. It’s always good to do a good self-check from time to time especially before proclaiming someone else as the Problem.

New Cover!!#SFH #newebook

Tell me what you think! Just wanted to give a little facelift to Southern Fried Honeybee. Loved writing it, and wanted a cover that fit the story more. Get it at reduced price $2.99.

New Novel Cover #help

New Cover for Eva of Biloxi- Here’s the old one: …..And here’s the new one: Which one do you like better??? New or old?

Eva of Biloxi, Ch 2

Amazon , B&N Watcher’s Worst Nightmare Chapter 2 Gulfport, Mississippi             “One o’clock.”             “One o’clock.”             “Barnes and Noble, one o’clock.”             “Get up, girl!” The words echoed in my head. The thought brief and light flitted away like the seagulls high in the sky above only to be replaced with the same place…

Yara becomes Eva #EvaofBiloxi

Eva of Biloxi is a suspense thriller about Yara, Central’s best Watcher. In order to complete her mission Yara must become Eva, the prodigal daughter of a prominent African American family, and the reality TV bad girl voted the girl America most loved to hate. Unfortunately, while on his first mission as a Watcher, Yara’s…


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