#STRONG FEMALE LEAD, 6 short stories

Six very different stories with characters you don’t usually get to see. Get ready for a ride!

From Empath:

The first body I jumped into was an old man. The reason: he wouldn’t leave me alone. I’d go to the store and he’d be there. I’d go to school he’d be across the street. At first, I thought nothing of it- of him. I figured it was a coincidence at first.

I was ten, the same age as my daughter. I didn’t know evil existed then.

I finally took notice when I saw the old man standing outside my house. Then he was on my porch, and then he was inside my house. Before he touched me, I already knew what his intentions were.

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I'm a Writer and Aura Photographer. Southern by birth and liberal by choice. My goal- bring more Progressives to Mississippi!

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